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Community Support

We believe that it is important to give back to the community and to take community responsibility. We do this through engagement and support for the good causes that we feel passionate about. We firmly believe that by providing support to the following organizations we can contribute to bringing our communities forward:

Real Pearl Foundation (Igazgyöngy Alapítvány)

The mission of this Foundation is to develop communities stricken by extreme poverty and to provide solutions for the challenges of integration. Their programs include art education, talent development, family care and vocational training courses.



Szent István Community Hospital

The Foundations of this public hospital aim at advancing health care access and quality. They have a special focus on helping children in a critical condition. The foundations also provide a better quality of life for children undergoing bone marrow transplantation. They offer funding for vital medical equipment, research and education.


Forestsavers (Erdőmentők)

The mission of Forestsavers is the protection of forests and wild animals in Hungary. Through their local subdivisions they contribute to maintaining healthy forests and wildlife. Their work is governed by the classic forestry principles of service, respect and tradition.

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