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International quality standards

DFK - High quality services in Hungary

We are specialized in fulfilling the particular needs of internationally active businesses investing or already operating in Hungary. Through our many years of experience with multinational companies we are in a position not just to solve but to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur.

Our membership in DFK International allows us to handle complex international issues that require the specialist knowledge of foreign experts. Through long-standing personal contacts and cooperation with DFK International partner firms, supported by digital solutions, we are able to manage even  the most complex international projects efficiently.

DFK International

DFK International is a major, multiple award-winning association of independent accounting firms and business advisers. The international cooperation of DFK member firms creates special value for clients with cross-border interests.

DFK member firms

DFK member firms are independent public accounting firms, business advisers and law offices with more than 400 offices and 6500 employees worldwide.

Quality control

DFK monitors the quality control processes of member firms so that clients can expect the same high standard services in any DFK office in any part of the world.

The commitment of DFK members

To live up to their common motto, DFK member firms are committed to supporting their clients in meeting their objectives through efficient, timely and cost-effective solutions.

Further information on DFK International is available on the website. Should you have further questions in connection with DFK International, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are dedicated to adding value to our clients’ businesses through understanding their objectives and supporting them in achieving their goals. With over 20 years of international experience  and a strong focus on digitalization we provide full scale professional services at a single point of contact.

In our Case Studies we have described some examples of how we work for our clients and what benefits we have achieved for them.

A member firm of DFK International a worldwide association of independent accounting firms and business advisers