International Tax, Accounting and Law Firm in Hungary

Financial Audit

Auditing from a practical perspective

Auditing means more to us than assuring the reliability of financial statements. We analyse the results of our examinations and offer conclusions aimed at improving the performance our clients’ businesses. During the financial year we keep regular contact with our clients in the form of personal consultations and Management Letters. We offer regular information and appraisals on the financial state and profitability of the company.

Statutory and voluntary audit

The basis of our audit work is independence and objectivity. As a result of the audit we provide the certification of the financial statements and a written audit report. Our work leans on the International Standards on Auditing (ISA 220), which ensures a wide-spread transparency and documentation of the audit.

Specialized audits

When examining the financial statements and underlying documentation in the case of takeovers, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and liquidations, we focus our attention on the completeness and correctness of the financial statements and the supporting documentation.


In the case of planned or pending transactions we value whole companies or individual assets, including the re-valuation of assets in the course of the reorganization of companies.

We are dedicated to adding value to our clients’ businesses through understanding their objectives and supporting them in achieving their goals. With over 20 years of international experience  and a strong focus on digitalization we provide full scale professional services at a single point of contact.

In our Case Studies we have described some examples of how we work for our clients and what benefits we have achieved for them.

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