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Legal Services

Our law firm is specialized in serving internationally active businesses. We also advise and represent individuals of independent means in financial and property affairs. It is important for us to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide efficient, cost effective solutions.

Our experienced attorneys view the legal needs of our clients not as separate issues, but as components of their comprehensive business. In many cases we work for our legal clients as accountants and business advisors as well. The in-depth understanding of our clients’ enterprises enables us to provide sustainable legal solutions. This way, we can help our clients reduce their operational risk in Hungary.


Incorporation of Companies

We can support you with expert advice in selecting the company form most suited to your business needs. This can be very varied including a subsidiary, a branch or a holding structure. In the stage of incorporation we are able to offer you solutions which are not only legally correct but also satisfy the requirements of financial and tax optimization.

We can draft the registration documents of your company in English and Hungarian or if required in German and register the company.

We also advise on other forms of economic presence in Hungary such as representative offices, foreign service providers and foreign traders.


Business and trade law

We can help you with the legal aspects of your operations or business relationships in Hungary and draft the necessary contracts. Our experience with the main foreign legal systems enables us to point out important aspects of Hungarian law which differ from the laws of your country.


Property law

We can draft the necessary contracts if you wish to purchase real property and Hungary and register the title with the land registry. We can advise and represent you in real estate transactions and acquire the permits that enable you to own real estate in Hungary.


Labour law

In addition to drafting labour agreements and regulations we provide solutions for legal debates with employees including labour litigation.


Legal due diligence

We prepare the legal due diligence documentation and due diligence report necessary for mergers, acquisitions, re-organizations and split-ups.


Legal disputes and litigation

When legal disputes arise we strive for an advantageous, timely, cost effective and amicable resolution. If litigation becomes necessary, we aim for success in representation and to optimize the overall outcome of the proceedings, including a timely conclusion of the lawsuit. We draft arbitration agreements and represent clients in arbitral proceedings.


Debt collection

Our services include debt collection for companies in Hungary and abroad.


Private individuals

We advise and represent individuals of private means in legal cases concerning financial and property matters. Our services include advice ad representation concerning real estate, inheritance, debt collection and litigation.

We are dedicated to adding value to our clients’ businesses through understanding their objectives and supporting them in achieving their goals. We provide full scale services at a single point of contact.

In our Case Studies we have described some examples of how we work for our clients and what benefits we have achieved for them.

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