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Hungarian and international tax advice

In recent years a large-scale tax harmonization has taken place not just in the European Union, but also internationally, making tax compliance more important than ever before.

With many years of experience advising international companies and their Hungarian subsidiaries international tax advice is an important element of our services. We have profound expertise in the application of international tax treaties and the regulations of Hungarian tax laws concerning international businesses.

We can help you adopt and implement the tax structures which are optimal for your business and compliant with legislation. We advise on local tax laws and their interpretation by the tax authorities.

Tax Compliance

We offer full-range tax compliance services. We can assist you by preparing and submitting your corporate, employer or individual tax returns and drafting your supporting tax computations. We focus strongly on digitalization and file all tax returns electronically. Our in-depth knowledge of the Hungarian taxation system and tax administration enables us to protect your firm from penalties and excessive tax payments.

Legal representation in taxation issues

If your business is facing a tax dispute, the best way to address it is to speak with an experienced attorney who has the tax, legal and financial knowledge to effectively solve the matter.

In handling your audit or appeal, our first goal is to settle for a favourable solution with the authorities. This way the case may be resolved without going to court. In some cases, where litigation is not avoidable, we aim for success in representation and to optimize the overall outcome of the proceedings.

We are dedicated to adding value to our clients’ businesses through understanding their objectives and supporting them in achieving their goals. With over 20 years of international experience  and a strong focus on digitalization we provide full scale professional services at a single point of contact.

In our Case Studies we have described some examples of how we work for our clients and what benefits we have achieved for them.

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